Hysinger Knitwear

WELCOME TO Hysinger Knitwear (Sustainable fashion manufacturer)
Since from 14 years, Our company has always focused on some well-known clothing brands in Europe& United States and ASEAN  by OEM and ODM, Capacity by one million pieces per year  (fashion and sustainable sweaters) and 500,000 pieces per year (knitting, woven, Evening dress) production integration, independent export capabilities, is a cutting-edge garment trading factory.
Why choose us?
Industry advantages
1. In the past 14 years, the company has only focused on providing OEM and ODM services for various brands. The team is proficient in the whole process of textile and garment export operation, and has independent export authority approved by The Chinese Customs;
2. Relying on the knitting design RESEARCH and development platform set up in Italy, famous designers can provide "one-stop design" service, there are nearly 2000 different styles of wool, knitting, woven model samples, data for reference;
3. Mature supply chain system and management team, product export price, quality and delivery can meet the market positioning needs of various brands, and the quality is subject to third-party inspection;
4. containing Yang cashmere, wool. Mulberry silk wool, can provide private custom or enterprise group purchase custom service;
5. plant dyed cashmere clothing order, single monochrome 30 pieces minimum order (existing color), 50kg minimum order fiber after spinning (select color from color card)